Privacy Policy

CrPati, here in after referred to as CrPati, We, Us. We thank everyone for playing our games. We understand that your privacy is most significant to us. Hence it is our duty to care for your privacy seriously. As a result, we conduct our actions per the applicable laws related to data security and data privacy protection. We believe the policy will help us understand what kind of data CrPati may gather, how we use and safeguard such data, and with whom we share it. We at CrPati publish games on various platforms, and our commitment is to respect the privacy of all users of our site, mobile app, and other production and services.

Questions, Accessing, And Updation Of Information

In case you have any questions related to data protection or if you are having any requests for resolving the issues related to personal data, then we encourage you to primarily get in touch with us through the game so that we can respond more quickly. Furthermore, if you want to access, update or delete any of your information stored with us, please feel free to reach us. You may be asked to verify your identity before responding to your request. There may be a situation where we may have to retain that information for legal purposes or legitimate business use. If you have any queries related to the games or the applications, you can report a problem or issue regarding the same either through the game or by email within 48 hours.

Collection Of Personal And Non-Personal Information

It includes data that you provide to us like:

Data Collection From Partners

Collection Of Personal And Non-Personal Information

At CrPati, we process data that is necessary for:

Displaying Personalized Advertisements