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IPL 2023 Franchises will Participate in the WIPL 2023 Tender - Which Teams are also Competing?


IPL 2023 Franchises will Participate in the WIPL 2023 Tender - Which Teams are also Competing?


By AkankshaRavel

2023-01-16 07:32:28


WIPL 2023 team teeder

IPL 2023 Auction has ended, and the franchise of WIPL 2023 is being tendered, As expected, the teams involved in IPL 2023 are leading contenders to own Women Indian Premier League (WIPL) franchises. At this stage, eight IPL teams have submitted tenders to own and operate WIPL Teams - Gujarat Titans, Delhi Capitals, Chennai Super Kings, Kolkata Knight Riders, Rajasthan Royals, Sunrisers Hyderabad and Punjab Kings. The remaining two teams - Royal Challengers Bangalore and RPSG owned Lucknow Super Giants - are also expected to join the race. There is tremendous interest in owning a WIPL 2023 franchise, with informed sources in BCCI reporting that 15 companies have already picked up the TENDER DOCUMENT. WIPL will surely be as grand as IPL 2023!


The Glazer Family, owners of the Manchester United football club, are desperate to make their way into the Indian cricket market. After failing to acquire an IPL franchise on their last attempt, they are now eager to purchase a Women's IPL team. They have already begun this endeavor by acquiring the Desert Vipers franchise in the ILT20 league. However, they have not yet made any announcement regarding whether or not they have procured WIPL bid documents. The BCCI will make its official announcement on January 25th following the auction for WIPL franchises.


Phil Oliver, CEO of Desert Vipers, told Cricbuzz that “Having bought into the ILT20, it is only natural for us to explore other opportunities related to cricket around the world including Women’s IPL."


Acquiring a bid document or Invitation to Tender is mandatory for purchasing a side in IPL or WIPL. Currently, Chennai Super Kings and several other IPL teams have bought bid documents for WIPL teams. The deadline to purchase the ITT for WIPL is January 21st.


Phil Oliver, CEO of Desert Vipers, stated when speaking to Cricbuzz “I can’t reveal the details of how far we are in that process but I am happy to say that we are looking into all opportunities, including the WIPL. The India market is of interest to us. A lot of Indian cricket fans will be watching this tournament and will see what the Desert Vipers will bring to that. If anything, we want to bring an exciting brand of cricket to the Indian fans, just as to our fans all around the world.”


The Glazer Family attempted unsuccessfully to acquire Lucknow and Ahmedabad's IPL franchises in 2021, with CVC Capitals (Ahmedabad) and RPSG Group (Lucknow) being named as the eventual winners instead.


WIPL 2023 Team Tender Schedule

WIPL2023 team teeder schedule

The BCCI will open sealed bids on January 25th, at which point it will announce the winners of the franchises. Bidders have until January 13th to submit questions and must submit technical bids for evaluation by January 23rd - a process which will be overseen by Mumbai-based law firm Argus Partners. The tender presented by the BCCI includes 10 Indian cities and venues, allowing single parties to bid on multiple cities. No base price has been set and bids are accepted for a period of 10 years (2023-32).


Bid Conditions

Among the eligibility criteria listed in the tender document, the BCCI has stated that bidders must have an audited net worth of INR 1000 crore or more as of March 31, 2022. Consortiums and joint-venture companies are not eligible. BCCI has included a key clause in the selection of the winning bid, noting that it is not required to accept the highest monetary offer. This mirrors a similar clause set by the ICC when it sold media rights for women's global events for 2023-27.


The BCCI has stated that when considering potential successful bidders, it will assess the vision they have to enhance the profile and accelerate growth of women's cricket in India.

It listed a set of objectives for this purpose, including:

  • Establishing a stable, successful, financially secure, long-term franchise to participate in the league.

  • Ensuring the widest coverage and largest possible audience for the league.

  • Assisting in the development of women's cricket in India at all levels.

  • Maximizing and enhancing exposure for each of the official sponsors of the league.

  • Increasing and enhancing exposure for women’s cricket both within India and around world.


The BCCI has reserved March as the window for WIPL competition; despite no formal announcement of dates for its inaugural season, it is expected to start around March 5th and finish around 23rd.


Player Auction Rules

WIPL 2023 team teeder player auction rules

The bidding process for the IPL will begin by establishing a three-tier "reverse pricing" system among capped players, with prices of INR 50 lakh, INR 40 lakh, and INR 30 lakh. The hammer price agreed upon at the conclusion of the bidding process will determine the player’s fee.


Uncapped players may register at two different rate tiers: INR 20 lakh and INR 10 lakh. These registered available players will then be listed in the “Auction Register,” which will be edited by the five yet-to-be-established franchises according to current IPL procedures to form an “Auction List.” Those who do not get chosen during this auction can still have a chance to join as replacements if they remain in the “Registered Available Player Pool.”


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